Membership Requirements


Any state, provincial or other governmental entity that regulates the security, investigative, alarm and/or related industries is eligible for full membership. This includes government agencies and regulatory boards, local agencies that are not state-regulated, and entities from other countries. The full membership fee is $350 (US) and includes four representatives, one of whom is entitled to vote. Additional representatives may be added at a cost of $50 per person.

IASIR realizes the hardship the current exchange rate may pose for our Canadian members; therefore, the 2024 IASIR dues amount for Canadian members is discounted to $255 (US).


Associate membership is open to any individual, company, agency, organization, association, etc., that is not a governmental regulatory entity, but declares an intention to pursue the purposes of the Association as stated in its bylaws and abide by IASIR's code of ethics. The non-voting associate membership is valid for four participants at a fee based on annual gross revenue:

1) Annual revenue less than $1 million: $375

2) Annual revenue $1 million - $10 million: $550

3) Annual revenue $10 million - $100 million: $930

4) Annual revenue $100 million - $1 billion: $1,550

5) Annual revenue $1 billion and over - $3,100


Additional representatives beyond the four included in a full or associate membership may be added to any membership at a cost of $50 per person.

Annual membership dues are billed in the last quarter of the prior year. Link to the application form at the button below. Please contact IASIR's Membership Director for more information.

Application for IASIR Membership