Election Announcement

Officers and Directors of the International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators are elected for two-year terms in each even numbered year. (The elections held at the 2023 Conference were to fill vacant positions.)
Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 5 of the bylaws, the election of officers shall be conducted electronically unless previously announced. There was no request for a “live” election within 180 days of last fall’s Annual Conference; therefore, the election shall be conducted electronically.
Nominations will be accepted from June 11 through July 11 for all Officer and Director positions. Nomination forms will be released in June. For more information on Board positions and roles, see IASIR's bylaws on the Membership page at https://www.iasir.org/bylaws.
Any questions may be addressed to Jeff Gray, Legal Advisor to IASIR, at jgray@bdixon.com.